Binyam had his 3rd surgery on Wednesday. I like to think this was his last but the way the doctor talked about his right foot being really messed up when he saw it, I’m not entirely convinced. We are still hopeful that it will be.

The week leading up to surgery we were talking about how he’d have surgery. Binyam seemed fairly blaze about the whole thing, but his siblings started freaking out as soon as they realized what it all meant. So much so that on Wednesday morning when I went to get the kids up for school, the big boys were already dressed…with their Ethiopian bands on as a sign of solidarity.

My very generous mom came over on Tuesday night so that she could get the kids to school (and pull weeds in my garden. Ai yi yi) while Zach and I got Bini to the hospital. This meant that I got snuggles and Zach got to play with my Binyam pre-surgery.

Surgery took right around 2 hours and Binyam did so well. In fact, the nurses reported that he smiled during surgery. He is inspiring. The doctor had said as long as he can keep down oral pain medicine and some food, we would be able to go home that day. We were hopeful but we were adamant about not going home until Binyam was ready. It took him awhile until he was out of the fog, throwing up all of the pain meds/ the food for awhile. But then he did it. He kept it all down. And we got to go home.

The only problem was, my mom took our Honda Pilot home and we had just one way back…my mom’s BMW. It’s a convertible. It’s a 2 door. We had Binyam with his casts, his wheelchair, me, Zach and various stuff my mom had in her car. Zach could hardly reach the stick shift. It.was.amazing.

Binyam had a good night the first night. He woke up happy. ‘Nuff said.

2 days later Binyam and I went grocery shopping (which, incidentally, I will never do again. I’m sweating just remembering it.)

This boy. Oh this boy. He is strong. He is brave. He inspires me so much that I’m even more humbled at the honor of being his mom. I have no idea why I got so blessed. But I am. So, so blessed by this boy. Continued prayers and happy thoughts for his recovery are appreciated. Binyam will be in full leg casts for about 6 weeks and then a few more weeks in casts just under his knees. For a boy who never stops, this is tantamount to prison. 🙂

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