Having not played soccer for close to a decade, I had been able to fool myself into believing I didn’t really miss it…until my kids got older and started to get competitive in their soccer leagues. It had been on my mind recently to really try to find a co-ed or women’s league around me. Co-ed would’ve been ideal as then my brother and sister could’ve played with me. But at one of my classes one night some young women mentioned they were on a soccer team. I latched onto them immediately. Within a week I had signed my sister and me up for a women’s soccer league.

We play Wednesday nights. The second game I played I pulled my quad. I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, it seemed. If Kansas was the body of an 18-yr-old, that is. Nevertheless, it has been really fun.

I even realized I could still run.

But the best part has got to be that I get to play with my big sister. In high school we were referred to as “The Double D’s”. Much to my dismay it was not due to our rather robust chest size (although perhaps my sister could be a single D these days…I digress). It was actually due to our last name being “Dawson”. Also due to the fact that we were the 2 forwards and would often be the assist/goal combo. It was a great time. This past Wednesday, the double D’s were out and proud (again, not talking about breasts). My sister scored and I felt ridiculously joyful. Made me so excited for our kids to grow up and have this experience with their siblings. Especially when they are on the sidelines and make the same sorts of faces.

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