A Klipsch Christmas

Today was the day. The day we went to pick out our tree. Always a time we enjoy. For more examples please see last year’s tree, my personal favorite would be from 2 years ago though.

Anywho, I really wanted it to be from camp again this year just because last year I missed being able to go out and pick one in the middle of the forrest. There’s something about this

that makes me think it’s not Christmas until we’ve frozen our collective asses off in pursuit of the perfect family Christmas tree.

I think we did it again this year, although this year we might want to call this the Klipsch Christmas bush. Perhaps you can help us with the description of this one.

But first the search.

It did require hiking and since Binyam’s feet are still recovering and Dailah is a diva, the two of them hung out with me most of the time while the other man/manboys checked out the situation.

This one. Oy.

We ended up at one right next to the car. Tomas had first sighted it but I thought he was just trying to get out of the aforementioned ass freezing. Ended up being about the only possible tree.

Zach earned a super man card. First for his super sweet hat and second for chopping down the tree with just his hands and a small axe. That’s hot. But seriously, how great is this picture? Please notice the side panel missing on the Pilot and the overwhelming overwhelmingness of the Christmas tree.

When we got home the kids commenced to shenanigans while Zach took care of the tree.

They are actual really great helpers.

This good picture took 20 takes. He was in a mood.

Binyam took 22 minutes to get 1 ornament on. He is tenacious in all things.

I must admit to judging people with those “perfect” Christmas trees with all the ornaments matching and well placed. Especially if they are located in houses with kids. I only have so many years where the ornaments reach only the bottom half, I’m not speeding through those if I can help it.

Truly I love this Christmas tree because it represents our family way more than any given traditional tree. It’s imperfect, kind of messed up, messy, unique, original. But in the end it’s found its redemption.

11 thoughts on “A Klipsch Christmas

  1. child-decorated trees are the least beautiful, but most joyous trees. we've got the rest of our elderly lives to have the ornaments perfect, but only so many years to watch the kids put it up all sloppy & jubilantly in the front, down at the bottom.

  2. I am with ou about the perfect trees. I love the imperfection that can only be created when little hands put a lot of work in.Love this one but the lopsided one will always be my favorite tree ever : )

  3. That tree is fabulous and freaking huge! We picked ours out this weekend and got it decorated yesterday. It was so fun watching the boys hang up all of their ornaments. Enjoy the Christmas holiday friend! Talk soon šŸ™‚

  4. your bush is beautiful (oh my lord don't go there) seriously. that's is one awesome tree. i'm with you on the matchy-matchy perfect trees. what's the point?

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