On Being Veg

As a quick sidebar: Zach hates when I call us “veg’s” because he thinks it sounds like “vag’s” and apparently that’s bad?

Anywho, it’s hard to believe we’ve been rockin’ the vegetarianism for over a year. I remember when I first started that it seemed nearly impossible. If you’ll remember correctly, this little lady went gaga for a good steak. And prime rib? You better shut up, I loved that stuff so much. But I read the book “Eating Animals” and I knew I had to try it.

A year later I must say that I feel great. I don’t miss meat at all, which is mind boggling to think about. But honestly, I have never felt better. Which is saying something. Have I mentioned I ran track in college? And worked out about 6 hours a day and could squat an obscene amount of weight? Yeah I feel better now than I did then. Does that shock you? Because it does me.

Then about 3 weeks ago Zach and I watched the documentary, “Forks Over Knives” and decided we’d try out the vegan thing for a bit. Why not, right? I actually feel even better. Maybe the most impressive thing about it is that I used to have HORRIBLE allergies. I’d be on allergy medicine from about mid-April through September/October. In case you haven’t heard Iowa has had the warmest spring EVER this year so my Facebook has been a flutter with people reporting their current allergy situation. Finally yesterday I realized I had no symptoms whatsoever. As I was trying to figure out what it could be it hit me that it might have something to do with the lack of dairy in my current diet. After a quick Google search (we all know that’s where you find truth ;)) I realized many others have reported this as a positive side affect of cutting out dairy. Amazing!

I constantly get well meaning friends and family saying things like, “Oh I feel bad for you that you can’t have meat/cheese/milk” or something like that. It’s hard to tell them that it’s not that I CAN’T have it (truth be told if I really wanted it, I’d just have it) it’s that I just don’t want it. Particularly not the kind that’s on virtually every shelf in our grocery stores. Once you start this new way of life you realize your taste buds change, you actually crave things that are good for you.

I’ve also noticed it’s hard to stuff myself so full that I feel miserable these days. Probably most of you have better self control than I do but I was seriously prone to eating so much I felt horrible for the next hour or so. It just doesn’t happen when you eat primarily whole foods. Who knew?

A lot of people when they hear I’ve had this change of diet ask if I’ve lost much weight. I’m not ever sure how to answer that since that’s not the reason I got into this in the first place. Also, I haven’t weighed myself since approximately 1995 so I’m not entirely sure. Anyone who has ever trained with me can tell you I put little weight into weight (haha, I got jokes) and put more into how you feel, how your pants fit, inches lost, etc. Those are much better/healthier gauges. That said, I feel great, my pants fit and so by all accounts, it’s working in that department as well.

So there you go. I had someone who was just catching up on my blog ask me about it last week so I thought I’d give an update. Now you can sleep well tonight knowing my thoughts on being veg for a year. ;)You’re welcome.

:)Tell me, what do you eat?

8 thoughts on “On Being Veg

  1. I remember leaving you the longest post when you decided to do this. I am so proud and happy for you ( not to mention for the environment). Vegan is so impressive. Someday, someday. I sent you an equally goofy post when you got the cat. How about an update on that?

  2. i went veg over 13 years ago and haven't looked back since. i used to be sickish all the time and was tormented by allergies every year. i can happily say that i no longer deal with allergies to anything except mold and i don't miss meat at all. i rarely get sick and i almost never have to take any pills for headaches, stomach aches, etc. i've added a little fish back in though because sometimes it's really hard to eat veg in restaurants and i hate how difficult it is for some people to feed a vegetarian. if you at least eat fish, then you're less of a stress point when you eat at someone else's house.good job! and i hope you can make the vegan thing work! i'm all for it, but had a hard time sticking with it because it's so difficult to eat anywhere other than in your own house.

  3. I'm so impressed with you guys. I have the same dairy thing – I have all kinds of allergies in addition to a dairy sensitivity. I can eat it, but after awhile my body goes into overdrive and then all my allergies flare up. I've got it so much under control that I can have cats even though I'm allergic to cats! I could do veg but not vegan. I love our local eggs too much. I really need my protein and my tummy has a hard time with concentrated plant based protein. Anyhow, keep us posted…

  4. We were vegan briefly for a month or six weeks when we were trying to be vegetarian and then had a kiddo taken off dairy. lol. I thought it was easier to go from vegetarian to vegan than it was from meat eater to vegetarian.

  5. awesome….your awesomeness continues. I really admire what you have been able to do as a family. I think it is something I need to consider and then take the plunge.

  6. Have you noticed that being a vegan is so different from being a vegetarian? It really is. Eating dairy is still putting a lot of animal product in your body and I think you get the best "I feel great" benefits once you leave dairy behind. And it aint' that hard. And you don't feel stuffed or gross ever. I'm so thrilled it's working for you. Way to rock it, sistah!

  7. I made Ethiopian string beans and carrots (can't remember what it's called off the top of my head) for dinner last night and it was vegan and AMAZING. MB was a huge fan. I will post on Mondays menu soon.

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