Mehaber bound

The kids and I (Zach’s too busy during the summer to come with on our many excursions) packed up Thursday morning for the 6 hour drive to Minnesota. Our main reasoning for this trip is the Ethiopian Mehaber that will be later today. But as an added perk we get to stay/hang out with Tariku’s best friend from the orphanage (Teshome) as well as many other awesome people we’ve met throughout this adoption journey. Last night as we were hanging with Cathy’s family, Tony’s family and, of course, Teshome’s family. I was reminded again how blessed I have been by this whole adoption experience. Obviously I’ve gotten 3 amazing babes to pour love into, but I also got so many things I wasn’t expecting. Finding other women/families who love me, encourage me, challenge me and help me has been one of the purest blessings of my life. The house is asleep but for me. I’ve made myself a few cups of coffee (they are not coffee drinkers in this house, the horror!) and am catching up on some social media. I’m thinking about the people I get to meet/see today and the moments we’ll get to celebrate the culture of Ethiopia and I’m positively beside myself with anticipation. My next post, I’m sure, will feature an obscene amount of pictures but until then I’m off to read a bit before the house awakes. Love, T

3 thoughts on “Mehaber bound

  1. I feel the exact same way. The community we've built is what sustains me, inspires me, and encourages me to be the very best parent, and person, I possibly can be. So fabulous to see you and meet your amazing little ones. Let me know the next time you're in Chicago!

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