Haiti…Part 3-Photos

Haiti wasn’t all soul shaking and serious. Oh no. In fact, a lot of it was just nice. Spending time with so many women I love is one of my favorite things on earth to do. It worked out that we happened to be experiencing Haiti together. These pictures are not in chronlogical order nor any order I can determine, this is just how my computer spit them out and I’m too lazy to correct. Alas…
We were in the car. A lot. And the streets of Haiti are like the ones in Ethiopia. A very. big. hazard. Potholes abound, stoplights are rare and driving is perilous. Erica (far right) started calling the bumps “Haitian massages”. Not sure why they look so pretty during said Haitian massages and I look, well…

The food we ate. Oh the food! Loved it. In fact I can’t remember one thing I didn’t love and wish was in the states. Here on our final full day we found an Italian-type restaurant.

We laughed. A lot. Sometimes it was because things were funny, sometimes because they were awkward. Sometimes because you found yourself paying a gentleman for some toilet paper so you could use a restroom in a trailer. Then you found yourself laughing harder because your toilet didn’t have a lid and you were next to a man “taking a twozie” as my kids say.

One of the stove vendors made us a meal from the stove. Rice and beans, the staple of Haitian diet. I fell in love. Mouth is watering thinking about it.

Haiti was beautiful.  So. Beautiful.

This picture had to be added despite the overexposure because Jody and I were just having a nice heart to heart. Erica came upon us and pointed out that we were standing in front of a painting that was, ahem, risqué-complete with pubic hair and such.

I got Jody to drink a beer! Yup, it was exciting. I think the only reason I did was because she was literally knocking on death’s door and figured “why not” but still, felt like a victory. And the Prestige is a great Haitian beer.

Did I mention we were in the car a lot? (Here with an interpreter).

Mmmmmmm food!!!!

Food! (I took most of these food pictures for my sister, Leslie). 🙂

My purple hair sure was somethin’ else in the Haitian sun. I felt relieved(?) to see it matched a menu at my favorite Lebanese restaurant.

The whole group.


Thought it was so cool that the stoves were made in a carport by the locals. So cool.

I think that’s all I have for the Haiti trip. I might work some more out of it throughout the year but that’s the condensed version. I am very thankful for the experience. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email! 

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