iPhone photo dump

Do you guys only remember what’s happened the last few months by looking at your phone pictures? No? Just me.

Binyam is the slowest at all of the things. But eating? Eating quite literally takes the cake. Probably I’ll die waiting for him to finish dinner. In the below picture all of my other cherubs were finished eating, showering and brushing teeth. They are quietly reading in their beds. If he weren’t already skin and bones I’d give up. (Note: it’s not always this bad but it’s pretty bad).



My boys turn all activities into wrestling. Soccer, basketball, walking-it all ends the same. And everything is done shirtless.



I love road tripping with our animals, I love our animals. There, I said it. They make me so happy.



I mean, I might love them a little too much but come on! Look at those faces when they smell my peanut butter toast!



My niece Landry is so. stinkin. cute! I also might love my nieces and nephews a little too much, it’s true.



Zach and I are coaching the kiddos in basketball. The games are early Saturday mornings. If you ever see me before noon (and sometimes after) I will have a coffee mug in my hand-coaching or not.




Did I mention we were Siegried & Roy? Mmmmk.



The day after we were S&R we were godparents of this amazing boy, Elihu, who happens to be our nephew. I pretty much cry every time I look at this picture because I love him so much. And I can’t help but think those two bow-tied men are the best.



I’ve blogged so much about these two cousins who look like twins and act like best friends but it must be said again-I LOVE their relationship. I love how much they love each other.



My almost 11-year-old still lays on my shoulder to read his books. The day he doesn’t do this is the day I will disappear under my covers and not come out for weeks.



Tomas and I got to be on a radio show (to air this Saturday) to talk about Wine to Water. I sometimes take for granted how unbelievably kind this child of mine is to everyone but most especially to me. Afterwards he said simply, “You were amazing mom! Everyone will want to come to the party now!”



The ladies I got to hang with in celebration of Wendy’s almost baby. They were first my sister’s friends in high school and, mercifully, they are now mine as well. What a blessing.



Love these cats too. They snuggle together all day err’day, how great is that?



I mean, seriously, it’s a little ridiculous how many pictures I have of my animals.



I love this man. I love that he lets my crazy flag fly on the daily.



Zach was a pretty amazing athlete in high school (still is truth be told) and is on his high school’s hall of fame. The kids were beside themselves when they saw his picture.


I LOVE hearing from you!

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