Mexico-I am obsessed with my nephews/nieces

I’m sure I’ll get some push back from this but I want you to know that I love my nephews and nieces more than you love yours. 🙂

No but seriously.

Zach and I were talking about one of our absolute favorite parts of the vacation was getting to spend so much time with our nephews and niece. Oliver, Elihu, Sinta, Cassius and Julius made the whole trip so much sweeter for me. As with my own children, I felt like I really got to know these (other) babes of mine in a whole new way. I genuinely could watch Sinta swim or Dailah and Eli play for days upon days without stopping. And Julius baby snuggles? Fuggetaboutit. I simply delight in everything about them.

Obviously I thought a lot about the fact that we are prepping to move 4 hours from these remarkable young people. It tore me up inside to think about not seeing them for weeks. How did I get so lucky to get the smartest, funniest, sweetest most adorable people to call me “Aunt Tesi”? What an extravagant blessing.


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