Yesterday was a GREAT day! It started with Trysten’s first soccer game. It went well, but we lost. I’m blaming it on the fact that the other team’s coach was Scottish. Anyone who calls the soccer field a “pitch” and refers to soccer cleats as “boots” is going to win against the coach who uses the former words. Don’t you think?

After soccer we came home for some naps where I baked bread and did some laundry. Upon waking, the kids played guitar with daddy and Dailah did what she did best, played with babies.

Once the bread was in the oven, we went for a hike around camp. As you’ll see from the pictures, we are dogsitting my nephew-dog (i.e. my sister’s dog) until she moves back here in a few weeks. He is enjoying the great outdoors and I’m not real sure he’ll ever want to leave. Though he’s never been on a walk without a leash, he was just fine for us and the boys took it upon themselves to help out.

After the hike we made some delicious spagetti, had baths and then rented some movies. It was a really great, really relaxing day and just what the doctor ordered! The only thing that could’ve made it more perfect was if my allergies wouldn’t have been flared up! Enjoy the pics, holla!

Trysten getting prepped for game time, while holding our coffees, niiiice.

The spectators.

We had chairs for both but it’s infinitely more fun to be with the ones you love.

I showed Dailah how to wear her baby like the Ethiopian women do, it caught on real quick.

This is how Dailah likes to hike.

Trysten training Leo to heel.

The doggie cousins, too cute.

I love when they just do this without me asking them to.

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