Final Mexico post-Cousins!

When Trysten was about 6-months-old we had my mother-in-law sew on a onsie, “I need a cousin!” We strategically put it on him when Jake and Leslie were visiting from Chicago. A few months later they called us with the happy news that they were expecting. 🙂

Since that time I’ve so enjoyed watching my kids play with their kids. Now it expands to other cousins that have come along as well and it’s just increased my joy. There’s just something about cousins. I got to spend time with some of mine this past weekend too and I loved every minute. I’m so thankful my kids still think of their cousins as their best friends not because they have to but because they genuinely love each other.

Especially Dailah and Eli. Loved every one of the pictures of the two of them together.


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