This one won’t be near as long because people think I’m lying or exaggerating when I talk about Zach. I just wanted to include a few more pictures and talk about the amazing man who gave me those two beautiful kiddos.

Zach is truly all the things I’ve written about and more. I couldn’t have picked a better husband and I’m just so lucky to be traveling this life with him. I was telling my friend, Shannon, that as a mom I’m always hoping my kids will go above and beyond anything I’ve accomplished. Be smarter, more athletic, better parents, etc. The one thing I’m not sure they can surpass, though I hope they can meet, is their choice in a life partner. If they find anyone they love half as much as I love their dad, they’ll be happily married individuals.
Tonight my betrothed is taking me to an early birthday date. We will go out to eat and to a movie and I’m so excited. It almost feels like when we were first dating! I picked out my clothes (still not too revealing, a girl’s got to make the guy work a bit!) and am thinking about little else all day. I love that I still get that way with him. Except for this time we get to come back to a house with two beautiful humans that are a product of our love together, what a blessing! Oh, and we also get to drink legally now which is pretty cool.
So here is to my husband of almost five years. May we always be the best couple we know! Love you hons.
And I also added a picture of all the Frank Klipsch the III’s. What you can’t see in this picture is the night before. The night before we were celebrating our Papa’s awesome honor (an honorary doctorate from St. Ambrose University for being the most kind, generous person this Quad City community has ever seen, well that’s what I say, they call it “Public Service”). Anyway, it was on that night when the wine was flowing freely that I commented, and I quote, “We might be the best looking, funniest, smartest, most humble people with the best hearts here.” Though I can’t speak for myself with the last two, I think we did come close to the rest at least that particular night. Look at that picture and try to disagree with me. 🙂

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