Quarter-Century old and Tassimo!

My weekend:

Friday night with my hubby was just as I remember from 5 years ago when we were just kids in Iowa City. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (the offer to go somewhere nicer and more romantic was there, but I love beef so we went with that!) and then to Knocked Up. Both were good but I must say they had nothing on the company I was with. 🙂

Saturday was my day to sleep in (until 9:30, can you even believe it?). When I woke up I had a message from my Realtor. She was just heading to the people who put an offer on the house. Could she come over and have us sign everything? Abso-freakin-lutely! So it’s official. It was a good offer (especially in the present buyer’s market) and we are happy. Now bring on the packing! After the offer was official I banned cleaning for at least a week and it felt oh-so-glorious. I went to toast my hubby with a nice cup of coffee but found our coffee machine had broken. We decided we would head into town and do a little shopping. This brought us to Target and to TASSIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those that don’t know, Tassimo is a coffee machine that delivers coffee in a direct pipeline from heaven, I kid you not. I won’t go into detail here because it will prompt me to leave work early to go enjoy a cup of cappi but let’s just say we might need to buy a king sized bed so our Tassimo can sleep with us at night. We also got to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. At the restaurant we were celebrating in, my daughter said, for the first time. MAMA! SHE CAN SAY, “MAMA!” Woohoo! Oh yeah, and my dog’s 3rd birthday!

Sunday sent Zachary to work and me and the kiddos to church/small group. It was awesome as usual. Even cooler was what I learned in my small group. Did anyone know that Paul originally brought the Gospel to Africa through ETHIOPIA??? I had no idea but felt some odd sense of pride in that. Interestingly enough, Paul also brought the Gospel to Europe at about the same time. Last night I had a dream that my ancestors and our kids’ ancestors preached the Gospel hand-in-hand together. Then they were up in heaven cooking up our connection. Cool dream. As a side note, I also dreamed we found $5,000 randomly. Here’s hoping that both dreams come true, and quickly! Oh yeah, and Dailah decided to say, “TT”! (This is what we call Trysten). So she can now say, dadda, mama and TT with clarity. Everything else sounds like shriekeing!

Today I got to work with an email from our adoption agency asking us when we could attend the PAC classes. I’m hoping Zach can talk to his boss and see if we could go the July dates. I realize he just started and it’s busy season for camp but I do think this is a HUGE step in the adoption process and needs to be attended to immediately. So we’ll see about that.

Also, I’m listening to Melissa Faye Green’s book, “There is No Me Without You” on CD lately. For anyone who has any interest in reading a REALLY FANTASTIC BOOK, please go out and buy/rent this book immediately. It gives an amazing voice to the African/Ethiopian people and is just a beautiful testimony to the power of one person.

And, I’m turning a quarter-century old tomorrow. It’s crazy to think I’m going to be 25. Crazy because I’ve been married for almost 5 years, have 2 kids and possibly 2 on the way. And, as my brother-in-law so wittily reminded us, we will be on house #3! 🙂 Anyway, special thanks to my mom who gave birth to me AND gave birth to me ON HER BIRTHDAY! So happy birthday to my momma bird as well!

Oh, and I’m attaching a picture that was on the front page of a section of our Quad City Times. That kid under the huge hand is my favorite son, Trysten. That huge hand? Yup, that’s my father-in-law, Frank’s!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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