I Love Birthdays!

My birthday yesterday was fan-tabulous. I awoke at 6:30 to my hubby’s smiling face saying, “Happy Birthday.” Then Trysten ran in and gave me some good snuggling time. A couple minutes later Dailah joined the group with her crazy morning hair and beautiful smile. Giggling and wiggling her hands (which of course I interpreted as Happy Birthday!).

Went to work and got an hilarious card from my co-worker, Kathryn. Zach met me for a yummy cup of coffee and my brother-in-law, Frank, took me to some amazing Mexican food and great conversation for lunch.

Then last night we had about 15 of our friends and family out for a BBQ. Though we had to discourage any lawn games for fear of people being lost in the prairie that is our backyard, we all had a great time. I went to bed (at 10:30 no less!) amazed at my egg-cellent life, yet again. I seriously might have the best life in history. My friends and family are absolutely top notch. With just limited amounts of alcohol, I had the best laughs in the entire world. It even prompted me to make “laughter, on my birthday” comments throughout the night. But really, truly, I thank all of our dear friends for making my birthday the absolute greatest.

I went to bed also reflecting on what my Papa Frank says a lot about his life and his awesome career at the Y. “In a secular sense, none of this makes sense.” And I find that true in my world as well. To take my life outside of God and the blessings He’s given me, none of it makes sense. It’s too good to think I could’ve had anything to do with weaving it all together. There’d be WAY too many coincidences in my life (the first of which would be actually meeting my husband again and MARRYING him!) to get where I’m at. So I fell asleep last night just constantly saying “Thank you, thank you” to a God I don’t see physically, but can see and feel every single day. What an awesome pillow to sleep on!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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