PAC and Motherhood

Fantastic adoption news….One of the ladies from our awesome agency just wrote an email letting me know that we will be getting our invitation to PAC at the end of this month. We will be attending classes on July 19th and 20th. Woohoo! The classes take place in St. Paul, MN and go from about 12-5 on Thursday and 8-3 on Friday. From these classes we will learn valuable information about things like: transracial adoption, transcultural adoption, sibling adoption, toddler adoption, bonding, etc. After that we will have homework that needs completed. Once we turn in the homework to our social worker in Cedar Rapids, we will get all of our homestudy dates set up. This is where the process really starts getting going and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Of course, with all of this is the question of, where in the world are we going to come up with the cash? Well the good news is, the bulk of it is not due until we get a referral. The bad news is there is still a pretty good chunk of change that we’ll need to continue in the process. If you have any creative ways of coming up with it, let us know! I am working on getting something together so I can start selling quilt blocks to people to create our childrens’ homecoming quilts. On those quilts, whoever buys a block, can write anything they might want. A love note, a Bible quote, what have you. I think it’d be a great way to get people involved.
On a lighter note, I love motherhood. Though last night got a bit stressful as Trysten got something in his eye (according to him, it was a rock) and Dailah wasn’t going down without a fight (and massive amounts of vomit on her freshly laundered sheets). After a good piece of birthday cake and a quick beer I felt much better. 🙂

I love babying my kids from time to time. Last night was Trysten’s turn since he had the aformentioned substance in his eye. I got to hold him a lot more and he brought his Batman blanket down so we could snugglebugs on the couch. Man he’s fun to snuggle. He’ll let you rub his head and his legs, or whatever. It’s awesome. Sometimes I find that I probably wouldn’t ever stop if I didn’t force myself to put him to bed. It seems we are mutually taking advantage of the situation and hope the other doesn’t find out about it. It’s great fun, really. At camp, the counselors nicknamed him, “Hawk” (seeings he’s recently went back to his mowhawk). I like it and love that my son is included in the fun. Starting June 18th he’s going to go to Day Camp every day for 8 weeks. It’s going to be awesome, he’s going to have so much fun. Of course I’m not feeling nearly as anxious about it seeings I have a good feeling they will be taking extra good care of the boss’s son. Thanks, honey!

Dailah doo (as the daycare teachers call her) is precious. Every morning they’re talking about her constant smiling and laughing. They said the other day that she looks like a Cabbage Patch kid (which could be why I love her so much, I always did love those things). Course they then went on to explain yes, she does look like a Cabbage Patch kid, but perhaps one with a constant stream of snot running down her face. Alas, it’s true. But she smiles through the snot bubbles and it’s all good.

In the end, after my various methods of coping and taking 10 deep breaths after the hard day I was having, I was happy to hunker down and snuggle with my husband who shared my equally hard day and love for those darn great kids.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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