Too Sexy For This Shirt?

I had to write that title because it reminds me of one of the reasons I’m looking forward to staying at home with me kiddies…Trysten will never hear that song until he’s old enough to go looking for that undeniably fantastic band that is Right Said Fred. He came home from daycare a couple of months ago singing that song. When Zach asked him where he heard it, he said “school”. It prompted my always attentive hubby to call the daycare the next day. This led to the Director sending out a memo stating all listenting materials must be okayed by her before they are heard in the classroom. It pays to know the boss!

Last night on our way home Trysten was counting. I was listening closely and was surprised when he hit 100!!!! I was so proud of him, giving him high fives, doing my in-car dance. It was all fantastic and I called Zach and said, “Trysten counted to 100!” For the rest of the car ride he tried telling me he counted to 0 and all he wanted to do today was count to 0. No matter how much I tell him 0 is actually where you start, etc, etc, he just likes 0 for some reason. What a weird kid.
Dailah has recently reminded me why I sported that atrocious pixie cut when Trysten was exactly her age. She yanks, pulls and slurps my hair like it’s her business. Especially when I’m giving her the nighttime bottle. It’s like she goes to sleep better knowing I’m in pain. I don’t get it but when I tell her “no” and put her hand down, she thinks we’re playing a game and smiles and laughs like it’s the best game in history. How can I say no to that? But seriously, I haven’t been tempted to cut my long locks in quite some time but I’m toying with the idea now. Shhhh, don’t tell my hubby.
This weekend Dailah had her first belly laugh. I’m talking hysterical laughing-make everyone come watch-light up your week-kind of laugh. All I had to do was juggle (really, really poorly) a plastic cup and she thought it was the funniest thing ever done. It makes me feel good to know I don’t have to try nearly as hard at making her laugh as I do the adults around me.
And seriously…they are getting rid of Burke on Grey’s Anatomy! Boy I liked his character. By character I mean on the show, obviously in “real life” he left a lot to be desired with regards to that word.
Okay, this blog started as an excuse to post pictures but somebody give me a podium to stand on and I’ll talk your ear off! Happy Tuesday every body!

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