So am starting to try to learn a few words in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. The title of this post is Amharic for “mother”. I don’t do phoentics really well, but if I were to try, it’s pronounced like eh-MY-ay. Is that right, Leslie? Anyway, I’m trying. The only problem is, our children could come from a remote part of Ethiopia that doesn’t speak Amharic. Then all of this would be for not….but I’m still considering them learning at least part of the language so they’ll have ties to their culture that way as well. Besides, how cool would it be if I could speak (kind of) 3 languages….okay, okay, 1 languague and bits and pieces of two others.

So it’s been a great week. We were finally able to see some of Zach the last couple of nights before all of us went to bed, which has been refreshing (for everyone, I think) since he’s worked so late recently! We were able to go swimming in the camp pool on Tuesday night (it was beautiful, more pictures to come) and last night Zach brought the kiddos to watch me play sand volleyball with folks from our small group (apparently should have practiced!). Anyway, it’s been a great week and tonight we get to go mini golfing–without daddy–with the Klipschs.

Can’t believe this weekend is Father’s Day. I’m going to have to dedicate a post to all the daddy’s in my life soon. They are all so wonderful, especially my own “Papa John” and of course my husband. I call my husband the baby whisperer because kids love that guy. There’s something about him. I think they can sense his overall contentment and peace. It’s awesome.

Anyway, it’s also been an exciting week on the adoption forum. 6 people have gotten referrals, including one couple from Pleasant Hill, IA. So it’s been awesome reading about them hearing of their newest child for the first time. It gets me excited for when we get to that point. Though I have absolutely no idea when it will be, it really can’t come soon enough. I’m crap (ca-ca) at this patience thing.

I’m also still studying for my ACE Personal Training certification. I’m not sure why I constatly pick the hardest way around things. This is really tough material! At least this way I’ll be confident in my knowledge and skills once I’m actually training people. I also learned that I undoubtedly was born with more fast-twitch muscles than slow-twitch. I always use that as an excuse when people try to get me to compete in long road races. “I’m a sprinter” I say, “I have fast-twitch muscles, not slow-twitch!” Turns out I was right all along…Oh sweet intelligence!

So here’s to a (hopefully) relaxing Father’s Day weekend. I’m attaching a few professional pics of the kiddos. Man they are attractive people (too bad I don’t have pictures of their insides, I bet they’d be ever MORE beautiful!)

Selam (Peace)

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