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So to start off where I left off….last week was both the best of times and worst of times. Monday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, no big deal I told myself. Well Tuesday I woke up and didn’t want to swallow, talk or eat (which is perhaps the biggest indicator of something amiss). So I went to the doc and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. For some reason things went from bad to worse and I don’t remember much of Tuesday and Wednesday. What I do remember is asking myself why in God’s name I’m throwing up when I have tonsillitis? Who knows but it’s safe to say I wasn’t completely normal until Fridayish.

So Wednesday night we took off for Des Moines as a pit stop to our PAC in MN. Thursday early we took off! We got to MN, tried to check into our hotel (not until 3, whoops!) and ran to KFC before the fun began at 12:30. When we pulled up to CHSFS offices we were amazed at how nice they were! Not that we were expecting a hole in the wall, but it was beautiful. So this reassured us that we picked a good place. We were thrust into our small groups right away. Come to find, our small group consisted of 2 other groups from Iowa (an Ankeny and an Iowa City, both of which are adopting from Ethiopia). Yay! The other two families were from MN and looking at the same place as well (Russia, Uzbekistan). So anyway, it was a really great small group and we had a great time. I really can’t say enough about these classes. Perhaps the best part was seeing Zach feel more and more excited/reassured that the process goes (somewhat) according to plan. For the most part I have been the one doing research, etc, and relaying it back to him so it was his turn to learn all of what I already knew. Plus, they discussed issues such as transracial/cultural adoption, attachment, etc. It was eye opening and discussion inducing and GLORIOUS!!! So we were SO happy that CHSFS requires this as part of their process. We also got to hear about the Ethiopia program for about 1hr+. It was great hearing from the head of the Ethiopia program (and Ethiopian adopter herself, 4 times over!)

Not to mention my husband and I got some good alone time! The classes ended at about 8:30 on Thursday so we went and checked into the hotel and then went to go find a few drinks to bring back. NOPE! Silly MN doesn’t sell alcohol past 9, that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Anyway, we had fun liquorless anyway!

Friday we went and met my mom and the kiddos at the lake. Ended up staying there that night just to recoup. Saturday AM we made a pit stop at the big mall to purchase an Apple laptop. Zach’s eyes are my weakness, I tell you that much. The thing is awesome and I can’t complain because Zach has started his homework already. We got home, I packed, Zach went golfing with the guys from our small group. Sunday found me and the kids at church and small group, Zach packing and back to work. Me packing and packing and packing some more.

Yesterday was MOVING DAY!!!! We are pretty much all moved into Camp. It was dirtier then I expected and not quite ready for us but we’re there nonetheless. Stayed up late unpacking the kitchen. Felt good. I’ve started a count. Spiders killed: 4, Spiders seen: 22million (approx). But it’s nice to be in the house, even if it was hard to find my unmentionables today. And perhaps most important that happened yesterday? I FINISHED HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. It was great, I was happy and I can’t wait until the movie. I feel as though these people are my friends, that says a lot about me and I’m not sure anyone else BUT me will think it’s all good things. 🙂

So…..with regards to the adoption. Now we complete “homework” which is basically 6-10 pages of an autobiography for both Zach and myself. As I said, Zach’s started his, me not so much. I’ll be doing that at work the next couple of days. 🙂 Mine should go pretty quickly because, as noticed, I have no problems writing about myself and the people/things I’m passionate about. 🙂 After we send that to our agency, our social worker calls and sets up our first homestudy, which will probably take place a few weeks after completed homework. So this is moving along now! Though a HUGE part of me hesitates to bring her within 5 feet of the camp house yet, I know she’s looking more at the love in the house then the actual bricks and mortar, but still…

Anyway, things are well. Have to make a mad dash to Target today. Not that it wasn’t interesting showering with no curtain today, but just in case one of the camp counselors decides to get his jollies from watching my make-upless, stretched-out-from-two-babies butt shower, I think I’ll pick up a curtain for tomorrow. 🙂 Until then, hope you are all well and happy!

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