Just A Quick Mention

Hey all faithful followers of the Klipsch blog…I am happy you are here.

Just a few quick notes..I would encourage all to visit my friend Jody’s blog..if you go over to the right of my blog you’ll see the link under “Landers” or you can go to http://www.landersadoption.blogspot.com. Her husband is our worship leader at church (the best one at that) and when they say behind every man….they are referring to the Landers. Anyhow, they are adopting from Sierra Leone, which for those geographically challenged (hey, I’m not a hater, I would consider myself one of those) that is also in Africa. They are the proud parents to 4 boys already and are now going to have twin 2-yr-olds from Sierra Leone. I’ve mentioned them before, but wanted you to go to their blog to a) see pictures of those beautiful babes and b) pray for them that they may be able to go over there VERY soon to meet their newest kids.

Also, was on our forum just a few minutes ago (as mentioned previously, it’s a heinously addicting guilty pleasure of mine). One of the forum members has so generously donated her time to create what’s called “The List”. This list includes everyone on the forum waiting for their referral. It’s fairly accurate as far as the forum goes, but there are still many people going through CHSFS who aren’t on the forum/List so we have to take that into account as well. Anyhow, was just peeking through out of curiosity as to how long people have been waiting for siblings, how many are waiting for siblings, etc. There is only 1 other couple waiting for a sibling group 3.5 yrs and younger and they’ve been waiting for 5 MONTHS!! There are many others (7) others who are waiting for sibling groups 3 yrs and younger and range from wait times of 7 MONTHS and down. Oh, so I’m going to settle ourselves down for a bit and get comfty with our sibling group we have now. 🙂

On another note, we are continuously keeping our eyes on the WIC list and praying over the children on there. Please keep them in your prayers as well (they are kids on what’s called the waiting international children list who are waiting for various reasons, i.e. medical, age related, etc). We know if God intends us to have one of these angels He will reveal it to us in due time.

Enough for now, my eldest has his last soccer game tomorrow, sniff sniff. Our time as coaches is almost officially over and I enjoyed it immensly. Hope you all have great weekends!

One thought on “Just A Quick Mention

  1. I think God’s plan is for us to meet in Ethiopia! SO I think you should plan on traveling to get your sibs in March! Hey, we can always ask!! The Pics of your kids were beautiful. Such little honeys!Enjoy Saturday!

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