Date Night

Last Saturday Trysten and I had our mommy/son date night. We don’t get to do this nearly as often as I would like but it’s fun whenever we do. We were going to go to a movie and found here in the good ole’ QC they don’t put kid movies anytime after noon. What’s up with that? So we internet searched fun and Michael’s Fun World came up. When it we got there, it was really quite scary and gross but this mom stuck it out when I saw the light in my eldest’s eyes. We tried lazer tag but it turns out it was scary for him after 2 minutes (I didn’t mention the fact that it was the best $15 I ever spent on 2 minutes?.) We also went to Borders and I read books to him for about an hour and half. It was awesome, he was proud of me for not even looking at books for me.

One of the reasons I love spending one on one time with Trysten is because I love hearing what he has to say. He’s a really good, really smart kid and he’s at that age where he tells really awesome stories; some true, some not, some in between. I asked him on our way to Michael’s what he loved doing with each of us. With daddy? “Wrestling with him and reading with him.” With mommy? “Snugglebugging and loving you”. With Dailah? “Making her laugh.” I was going to stop asking then and he said, “Mom you forgot one other person, Tariku.” I ask him what he likes to do with Tairku. “Look at his picture.” Touche my love.

I know it’ll just get increasingly more difficult to get time with Trysten as he’s headed off to Kindergarten this fall and Tariku will be coming, etc. But I am so absolutely amazed how hanging out with him is one of my favorite things to do in all this world. I have a feeling anyone who knows him would say the same. Just look at these pictures and try to disagree.

2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Cute, cute, cute…made me want to go on a date with my Tristan….although he is more of a runner then a talker ;). He leaves the talking up to big brother.

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