Too Much Testosterone

That is what I’m blaming on my lack of Valentine’s Day post. It has been proven that I have a higher level of testosterone than most women (and somewhere around the world everyone I know says, “ah ha!”). That is why, I’m guessing, I’ve never been big into Valentine’s Day. I was oh so happy to find a mate in Zachary who thought Valentine’s Day was silly and who shares my affinity for showing love every other day of the year. So Valentine’s Day snuck up on me which obviously shows you how good of a mom I am. I had no Vday cards, candies or gifts for my kids. I’m not losing any sleep about it, but one of these days I’ll get my stuff together and be as good as my mom was about showing the love on this Hallmark holiday. I did manage to get my betrothed a very fitting card and he got me one as well with a beautiful plant to accompany it. So bless his heart. In the card he wrote, “I Love the fact that after 6 years and 3 kids, it still feels like we are playing house. Here’s to 70 more years of playing house together.” Seriously, how in love are you with this guy? Sorry ladies (and some gents) he’s taken.

But it was a good day. We got Trysten’s hair cut professionally for the first time. It was starting to look more like a helmet than a hair cut. The guy said he’d never seen hair as thick as his on a kid before…duh. So anyway, here are some pics of my valentines. The hubby didn’t get a chance to assert his presence in this essential blog but I assure you, he looked especially handsome yesterday!

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