This Too Shall Pass

I remember my mom saying this a lot when I was younger. I can’t quite remember if she meant that in my life or in hers, teehee.

Anyway, it’s so weird lately. I go from high to low, to just in between. I email my coordinator and am fine, I email her 5 minutes later and am not so fine. This, my friends, is adoption. This, my friends, is motherhood.

I got on the forum tonight after PUMP and Mrs. Baker had written a thread asking the forum to start a dance for us that we get THE call tomorrow. (it’s a web-based thing, the forum does referral dances to bring on the referrals, etc). It just made me cry, it was so sweet. Sweet Peas has her blog followers praying for us too.

People are thinking about Tariku. People are praying for Tariku and that is just the biggest blessing I could ask for. My sadness, that too shall pass and what I’ll remember from this adoption is the blessings. The biggest, obviously Tariku. But the people, the support, the love, I will remember those and have a feeling my selective memory will block out this sadness.

2 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. i know that feeling…that feeling of wishing everything and everybody would just STOP what they were doing and pray for you…for your baby. but think of it like those last days of pregnancy…it seems like you will never ever deliver! and then before you know it your baby is four months old!! :)so anxious to hear that those tickets are booked and travel plans are set in stone!

  2. A month to two months from now when you have been home with Tariku for AWHILE at that time, all of THIS sadness will be a fond memory! Trust me! After only three weeks of being home now, I can barely remember the super stressed out moments waiting to travel. Soak it all in, it’s times like these that make our adoption journeys so amazing and rewarding! If that doesn’t make sense to you now, it may two months from now when you can look back at the BLUR and say WOW we’re HOME!Tony

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