Seriously..Wal Mart

So today my good friend, Cassie, emailed me and told me I’ve slacked off in blogging. It had been a few hours, after all, and we have a commonality in our despise of anyone who calls themselves a blogger and doesn’t update regularly. Anywho, I was busy. I was busy trying to stay busy so I could try to not notice that my phone wasn’t ringing. I was busy.

One of the things I did was go to Wal Mart. I mean, really. Love the low prices, hate the crazy antics. I can’t go there once without a parent abusing their child or demeaning their child. And see, they’re in a bad place because I’m at a point now where I might just offer to take that child off their hands if they don’t want to parent them anymore. So I need to stop going to Wal Mart. The first time I went tonight (yes, I went twice) my kids decided to be holy terrors so I had to cut lose with only 1/4 of what I wanted. I’m serious, I think Dailah is like some sort of personality chameleon. If we’re around any kids who feel like screaming and carrying on, she thinks it looks like fun and goes for it. So that’s just what she did today. So I was outtie in a matter of minutes after we got our paint.

The second time I went alone. Zach was with the kids and I was able to get some quality time with the quality folks at Wal Mart. But I got to find some of those hidden ingredients Paula Dean puts in her recipes that I usually can’t get with the kids with me (except Pimento beans, has anyone heard of these and if so where in the world would I find such a thing?) I picked a line with a lot of people in it and got caught up on my People magazine (did you know Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame got fake boobs?) and National Enquirer (Baby Shiloh isn’t Brad’s, it’s her brothers!) Good stuff.

So that’s what I was doing today. It certainly wasn’t, in case you didn’t catch this, hearing that we will travel for sure on the 20th. It wasn’t that. But there you have it, I was busy trying to stay busy. Are you happy now, Cassie?

Stay tuned for my ‘morrow where it will be 12+ hours of PAINTING!!!!! Thanks mom, dad, and brother bear for helping!

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