I mean really. I was talking to my dear friend, Rene, about all the support through this adoption. It’s overwhelming when I sit and think about it. In the last week alone people have been sending money, donations, prayers, emails and much, much more. It is very humbling to think so many people are thinking of us when there is so much other stuff going on in their lives. We thank you so very much for this. There are absolutely no words.

So God is still showing off through this thing. He has recently hooked me up (through various routes) with this woman who was originally from the QC. Her daughter and brother-in-law are presently in Addis Ababa at the AHOPE center volunteering. We’re going to take a package to them from their mom. How interesting, we’ll go all the way across the world to meet people from our area!

I also just “randomly” got an email from someone who is linked to the Campus Crusade for Christ in Addis. I am hopeful we’ll get to go meet the missionaries while we’re there and check out the organization.

So this has been great. 5 days. I mean, really. In less than one week (Addis is 8 hours ahead of CST, so it’s less than a week) from now I’ll have Tariku in my arms. Can you even believe it? I got up at 5am today thinking of nothing else. It seems so close and yet….you know the rest. Ahh, it’s driving me crazy. I’m so excited.

On another note, my dearest Aristotle (our 110 lb chocolate lab) got injured somehow yesterday. Poor guy is limping like crazy. I had to baby him a bit yesterday. Took him to the vet and they put him on some sort of miracle pill that knocks him out. It’s cute but dangerous. He has no idea how heavy he is so he just lays down on the closest person to him. Poor thing.

Anyway, 5 days. That’s the moral to this story.

One thought on “Support

  1. Just wanted to tell you guys that we are all thiking of you and hoping you have a safe trip. Cant wait to meet the newest member of your family.Your mom should be bringing a little care package courtesy of the Indianola Sports Medicine Dept. There are a couple things that werent on the wish list, but I never use them so I hope that the care center can get some use out of it.

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