Where Have I Been?

Whew…a few days out of the blog world and I feel like I’ve been out of touch, I started getting emails making sure I’m okay…I appreciate your concern. 🙂

So we’ve been good. I’ve been out of things to say, things are going so well I fear a jinx will surely happen should I blog about it. (By the way, i love writing “about it” because inevitably 2 out of 3 times I write it, it looks more like “abou tit” and that always makes me giggle.)

But today has been an interesting day. It started (kind of) with Tariku getting his vaccinations. I was never one of “those moms” that cried when my babies cried over vaccinations. They’re babies for God’s sake, they cry all the flippin time. I felt bad, sure, but they weren’t able to differentiate between a needle and 2 hours in between breastfeeding. Turns out it’s COMPLETELY different with a 3-year-old; even a 3-year-old who speaks limited english. He knew what was coming. He started screaming when he saw the needles then proceeded to let out a blood curdling scream that awoke the Ethiopians IN Ethiopia. It was horrific, I started crying, he kept crying. We were a blubbering mess. Then we went to McDonald’s and he forgot about his shots…

Until tonight. I noticed he was limping when we got home from the Y. Then I realized he had his first accident in his pants so I thought that was it. But then I changed him and he was still limping and very quiet for Tariku. When I kept asking him what was wrong (in English, then looked how to in Amharic) he pointed to his legs. Poor guy. Though it was the first time he let me just take care of him. He definitely has an independent streak a mile wide so he usually won’t accept help in dressing, brushing teeth, eating, etc. But tonight he was all about it (hee hee hee) so I splurged and carried him everywhere, etc. I kept repeating, “I’m your mommy, I’m going to take care of you.”

Then Trysten started coming up with things that hurt. I never realized that my hypocondriac (sp?) stage could’ve been so annoying to my parents (sorry about that ‘rents) or my siblings for that matter. He was complaining of a hangnail and I was like, “Trysten, your brother got 4 shots, let’s not go there.” Jeesch, I hate when things like that come full circle.

BUT, on a good note, in the car Tariku said his first full English sentence! Dailah likes dolls. So Dailah had a baby and Tariku says, “mommy baby is sleeping!” It was awesome. Not rocket science, but not Amharic so we’re getting there. Really the language issues hasn’t really been an issue but I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what this kid will be like when I know what he’s saying. He has such an awesome personality I don’t want to miss it anymore!

So on that note, I must go start my book club book. I have 400 pages to read in that and 10 songs to learn for BodyPump by Monday. Good thing I got an A+ in multi-tasking (though I wouldn’t check my references on that, I doubt many teachers would say the same thing).

Here are some pictures to make you smile. Dailah’s outfit is just ridiculously cute, I love having a girl. The boys fell asleep on the way home from Iowa City with their hands like that, try telling me that isn’t the cutest thing in the world. And do you see how Dailah is looking at her big brother? So much love, so much saying, “what the hizniz is that kid saying?”

3 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. I love the pics…that hand pic is priceless! B got 5 shots the other day too….so hard to explain that to them!!So glad to hear everything is still going well. Have a great weekend!

  2. Could your kiddos get any cuter?!Poor Tariku…I think shots are worse as they get older…I didn’t cry when Asher got his first ones, but he calmed down pretty quickly. I have a feeling that I will be a mess when he knows what’s coming 😦

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