How Are You Feeling?

That’s what someone asked me today. And since I like talking about my feelings so much…

I think I’ve literally felt everything these last 24 hours. Physically, I’m still not over my sinus crap and it seems to have gotten worse again today? Emotionally I’m crying again. I thought we were done here, but apparently not. I made the mistake of opening the mail and seeing a very nice card and money from one of my parents’ good friends. They have been such great people and I was just so humbled by it.

Then it was this, and that. And it all leads to me crying. I think the main emotion I’ve been feeling today is sadness. It was the first time really that it’s hit me that I’ll be leaving Trysten and Dailah for so long. And in case that video didn’t show you I’ve got some really sweet kids on my hands (I mean, how cute is Trysten, seriously? That was all him too by the way). Wednesday-Friday is a long time. Zach took Tman to daddy/tman night tonight. Dailah and I got some quality time as well. Dailah cried whenever she thought of Zach and Trysten being gone. It could be a long week for her.

But overall, I’m feeling fairly calm still. 4 days. 4 days sounds remarkably shorter than 5 days (I realize it’s shorter, but it just sounds A LOT shorter). So I commenced to packing some of Trysten and Dailah’s things. Once Dailah goes down I’ll start trying on long skirts of mine that I haven’t worn since I quit work in August. Should be interesting. Then I’ll throw a few things of mine in as well.

I’m at the point today where I want to hold on to every moment like these because it’s our last time as a family of 4. I just keep thinking to myself, “Remember this, Tesi, remember this.”

So that’s why I blogged, so that I’d remember (or at least try to) what I was thinking and feeling one of the last times we were a family of 4.

3 thoughts on “How Are You Feeling?

  1. Huge hugs to you. I can’t even imagine the roller-coaster of emotions! Just remember to hang on and let out a good scream on those biggest drops! And do you think your are stuffier today cause of all the crying??? Just a thought! Four days! Four days! Four Days! Wow(Oh…and that box I promised is really coming…long story…but it will be on it’s way soon!!)

  2. Tesi,The time away will go by fast and then you will back home and able to hold ALL of your precious ones – all under the same roof. It will be hard while you’re gone, but it will be worth it!Barb

  3. Have you seen the greeting card with a telephone on the front and it says, “It’s for you.. This is God…” it continues inside, “… I will be handling your concerns today. I will not need your help. So have a good day.” God is in control, rest your weary self in the palms of His hands. Hugs to you, Rene

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