2 Days

So yesterday we went to church, to small group and then met my parents at an outlet mall to do a little retail therapy. Church was great. It solidified the fact that Zach and I are the perfect couple, ahem, which is always nice. Small group was wonderful as we were met with many well wishers and people promising to pray for us, which is always comforting. Not to mention Cassie brought heaping bags of donations for the care center, which is much appreciated as well. Shopping with my parents felt wonderful. You should be proud of me to hear I only cried a few minutes once I left them. It makes me wonder if there’s a 12 step program for adoption? I think I’ve been at the “cry it out” stage for awhile. Or perhaps I’m at the second “cry it out” stage. Who knows. Either way, whew! Last night I “encouraged” Zach to start packing. We’re getting there, we’re getting there.

So 2 more days. I mean, I don’t even know what to say about it except it’s becoming quite real now. I’ll do a final cleaning tomorrow and then we’ll move Tariku’s bed up by ours so we’re right there for him in case he has nightmares. I’m doing laundry for the final time. I’ll go get groceries that will surely cost a small fortune tonight so I won’t have to do it for at least a week after we get home.

When you start a journey like this you can never really imagine what it will feel like in the next part of the process. You daydream about the referral call, and the court date call and the travel call. You have it built up in your mind a certain way. All of the realities have been different than my daydreams on each one of these. So has the waiting to travel period. I cannot believe how quickly these 2 weeks have gone by. I cannot believe on Wednesday we’ll leave this house and when we come back so much will have changed.

This is just awesome. I am honestly loving every minute of this. To think we’ll be bringing this boy I’ve been praying about home, is just beyond words. The excitement is growing in this house. This morning Trysten pledged to share even his underwear with his little brother. Dailah has mastered the art of saying Tariku, though it sounds more like “TQ” which is kinda cute. I’ve only had moments of “madwoman” status, like last night when I “encouraged” Zach to pack even though none of his undies, socks, shirts or pants were clean. He “obliged” and laid aside a pair of shoes and a hat. How sweet!

So today is all about relaxing with the kids in the morning, getting my hair did this afternoon (that doubles as a chance to see a friend before we leave, that’s my excuse, I’m sticking to it) stopping by another friends’ house to say “see you later” and then hitting up Wal Mart where I’ll make even Sam Walton himself shudder with how big the bill will surely be. That will hopefully give me at least another hour of QT with the kids before they hit the pillow and I soon follow.

4 thoughts on “2 Days

  1. wow tesi. i cannot believe 2 days. my stomach is flipping for your. i’m sure it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster. we’ll be praying for you!!!!

  2. Ha ha, ‘encouraged’ – love that. Thee’s been a lot of ‘encouraging’ going on out of my mouth these days too! We leave tomorrow – see you there!!!

  3. Yea Tessi!Wrap your arms around your two at home and enjoy today! I made a video of me reading books for bedtime, one for each night before I left. 🙂 We also bought dollar store gifts for each morning with a note of love. OH, and a paper chain the kids can pull apart until we returned. 🙂 You are so close girly!!!

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