That’s the sound a computer makes when the hard drive crashes. I know this, because it happend to our laptop just a few short hours ago. Which laptop you ask? Oh that’d be our laptop we were planning on taking to Ethiopia. Are you staying calm Tesi, you may ask? Hells to the no, is what I would answer, should anyone ask me this.

So yeah computer is down. Zach went to Best Buy and they were “nice” enough to install a new hard drive for us (they were nice, but it was EXPENSIVE). Good news is we’ll have something for Ethiopia. Bad news is, nothing is backed up because we are not good computer users. So we’re praying there is a computer genius out there who can fix it for us.

And my hair appointment was rescheduled.

Could it get any worse? 🙂

Other than that, we’re hanging in over here. I’m packed, Tariku is packed. Trysten and Dailah are packed. Zach is still holding out for clean clothes. 🙂

My mom’s friends sure do know how to rally around a good cause. We’ve got donations raining around us like it’s our business. There are no words for how much we appreciate the support!

And we have one and half days. And I must get to Wal Mart soon, I was told just today that Tariku likes sunglasses…a lot. So I need to go buy all they have apparently. He must like me, and everyone knows a mom without sunglasses to give to her new son is no mom at all.

2 thoughts on “jdf;aljdfoadhgl;iajdoahid

  1. Sunglasses ARE a necessity. I cannot even tell you how many times our were stolen…it is a miracle that we left the care center with any that were intact 🙂

  2. Zack and Tesi,I want to thank you for allowing me to expeirence your journey through this blog and through the many stops the two of you made in my office! I am so excited for you both and want to wish you a safe and wonderful trip, always remember EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE THRU HIM. God will be with you as you embark on this mission to receive your son. The Rowell family is very excited for your family and we look forward to meeting Tariku as time permits. May God bless you both. Enoy every min. of your journey!

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