What Do You Do…

when you leave for Ethiopia in a matter of hours?

You watch The Bachelor. Because it’s hilarious and because it’s an ounce of normalcy that has not come your way in at least 2 days. (But seriously, they just attempted to play rugby, and it was a sad representation of women in athletics, but whatever).

So we’re packed. Turns out 50lbs is heavier than I thought…meaning you can get A LOT of luggage stuffed into 50lbs. If it weren’t for the immense amount of donations we got, we’d be left with very little luggage. I’m highly impressed with the two of us (but mostly just me, because this is rare for me).

I’m on our computer, which is a great sign. It looks different and doesn’t remember my favorite websites which is sad. At least it’s something.

I just had to say good bye to my puppy. I probably won’t see him for 2 weeks as we’ll give Tariku a few days before we sic the 115lb lab on him. Makes me miss him already.

It’s happening isn’t it? Commercial is over. I’m out. 🙂

6 thoughts on “What Do You Do…

  1. Tesi,Just wanted to wish the both of you a wonderful trip. We just got back a couple of days ago and honestly it goes by quickly! We did miss the kids at home but there are sooooo many distractions! I met Tariku and he is a lovely boy! Have a great week!Rachael

  2. I hope you have a GREAT time! You are embarking on an amazing journey that no words will describe, but you will hold it in your heart forever!Best to you all!Barb

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