A couple more things

Tariku is tiny. They had told us he was 33lbs and 40 inches tall in our social report and there is absolutely no way this is true. He feels about as heavy as Dailah (somewhere around 25lbs) and much shorter. He is still tall and lanky compared to other boys here but much smaller than we had thought. He also looks a lot younger in person than his pictures. He definitely looks closer to 3 than he does to 4 or 5 even in his pictures. He is just a little angel.
Every morning around 6am there is a call to prayer for both the muslims and orthodox christians of the city. At night it seems they are almost competing with each other over the loudspeakers so it sounds more like a shout. In the mornings it’s very calm, humming of some sort. I obviously have no idea what they are saying but it is beautiful. As Leslie said in her blog, my kids arise early with their mom so I enjoy a little background music to my blogging and reading while my dear husband puts a pillow over his ears and wishes for the comfort of silence.
It is 6:45am here and I am about to get in our shower. As Chandra wrote, the shower in room 204 is quite interesting in that the shower curtain doesn’t go down to the floor entirely alas the entire bathroom was flooded yesterday. I was also the first to rise and shower yesterday (imagine that) so was met with the coldest shower in history. It was one of those where you tried not to let the water touch any part of your body until absolutely necessary. Zach thought he was quite funny when he was up last (imagine that) and had to turn the water WAAAAY down as it was scalding him. I, somehow, missed the humor. He must not be as funny in Ethiopia. 🙂
The cooks are beginning to start dinner. I am pleased to announce the other travelers have learned there is very little that can keep me in the way of our scheduled meals so they are nice enough to let me first in the line. On that note, I better go hit what will undoubtedly be a cold shower and then get in that line for the amazing food they cook here. One quick note, Zach asked last night what I planned on wearing today. I told him something that I would still look good in after I cried. 🙂 This is because we will be watching the DVD of Tariku’s life before he came to the care center (they go and tape kids upon hearing they are wanting to be relinquished so the adoptive parents will have a good idea of their background). Should be a doozy. You will here all about it. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “A couple more things

  1. I am assuming you have had your meeting at this point…I hope that it was a wonderful experience for you. Enjoy the trip to Hossana. It is beautiful in many many ways!!

  2. I’m sure you may know this Tesi but just in case the shower knob is opposite to home. So to get hot water turn it all the way to the right. The water usually got pretty hot for us. Good luck! Enjoy the wet floors.

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