mmmm wine

If you’ve been paying attention on this blog you know that mama likes wine for the heart benefits because it tastes so good. So when I got an email from my mom saying one of my friends (who is getting married in a few months) was offering us a tour of the winery where her wedding will be held-and a wine tasting to boot- I replied simply:

“You had me at wine tasting.”

When we got there this was one of the signs that greeted me. I knew then that me and this winery were going to be friends. I also knew my friend getting married, Kerri or “Pete” as I call her, was just as smart as I thought.

Pete was a little tardy so my mom made the smart decision to have a glass before Pete arrived. My mom and a few of her besties. Mom of the bride (middle) and mom of my little brother’s good friend (far right).

Then of course hotflawedmama and my bootiful sister-in-law, Lindsey.

Once the wine tasting commenced we needed sustenance. Especially because ever since my birthday, I’ve become a bit of a lightweight.

Pete (just to the right of the wine bottles with the dark hair) looked wonderful and happy and full of life, which is exactly what you want from an old friend just months before her wedding. Whether it was the wine or the man she is about to pledge her life to, there’s joy coming from that girl and I was lovin’ it.

3 thoughts on “mmmm wine

  1. I am such a bitter disappointment to my family, as I HATE wine! Do you have ANY idea what that does to my ITALIAN family?! ;-)**Holy smokes! My word ver. word is "groge", which reads to me like "groggy" which is what a night of wine tasting probably does to you, right? tee hee!

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