It’s 4am Again

I guess I should stop falling asleep at 7:30. Me and my boys went to bed at 7:30 so now I’m wide awake. They were both moving around on the floor next to us so I decided to take them to their beds. It sounds like they’re both sleeping so that must have been a good decision. Turns out we’re not the type of family who enjoys a “family bed” of sorts, which is aokay with me.

So our first full day together went really well. We had 0 tantrums from Tariku and that included giving him a bath! Turns out if he sees his big brother doing it, he’ll try it as well. So that was refreshing. As you can see in the video, life at the Klipschs is awesome as this was the sound pretty much the whole day.

I have to keep trying to remind myself that we’re still early in our time together and the shizniz could hit the fan at any point but I’m counting my blessings this early morn. So here are some more pics of our trip back to the hegemonic super power (as my sister, Kait, so elequontly put it). Excuse Zach and my absolute exhaustion and our desire to take a picture of Ronald McDonald.

5 thoughts on “It’s 4am Again

  1. Glad to hear day one was a success! As you will see, having your little teacher (Trysten) around is going to be very very helpful. Keep the photos and video coming, your family is so beautiful.Tony

  2. it’s actually ‘hegemonic,’ but it’s probably hemogenic too.and for all you america-lovin midwesterners, thats an objective international politics term, not an opinion!

  3. seriously good news about the bath, really. and I’m going to go look up hegemonic just to see what it means since I’m a midwesterner and see if I’m insulted (just kidding)

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