We’re On a Roll

Zach and I were able to go back to sleep this morning so that was nice. We woke up in time to make scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. I wish I could say we felt better after such a big breakfast but that would be lie; it’s almost sad how much we had to eat when someone we know quite well eats once a day at best. Anyway, off the soap box now. We were also able to get a shower and all kids ready to head to church today. Tariku and Trysten did very well (Dailah went in the child watch) so we were proud of that!

Here are some more pics, just because I’m on a roll. The kids are eating a cookie my mom brought to celebrate Tariku’s birthday (March 16), my brother Marcus’s birthday (April 10th), my sister Kara’s birthday (May 2nd) and my mom Connie and my birthdays (June 5). We’re celebrating because my sister is in town from Virigina and will doubtfully get back for everyone’s birthday!

5 thoughts on “We’re On a Roll

  1. Tariku is sooooo beautiful!! Glad to see everything is going so well. Zero tantrums? How is that possible Tesi. He must be one excited guy with his new family. I’m so happy for you!!

  2. I didn’t get to talk to you guys this morning, but saw how cute he is in person (just like in the pics!). He is such a friendly and outgoing little guy. I’m so happy for you guys to have such a precious addition to your fam.

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