No Words

Everything is going great. Tariku continues to impress us with his ability to be happy in pretty much all situations. It is quite obvious he’s used to having older sibling-like people in his life and he’s even taken quite a liking to being a big brother. Dailah has 2 big brothers doting on her every move. Yesterday they were outside, she kept kicking off her crocs and grunting for one of her brothers to come help. One of them inevitably would and then they would help her up the stairs and down the stairs. They’d brush her off if she fell. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. They even like playing with her, in the picture with her in all the cushions…yeah that’s from her brothers. You’d feel sorry for her stuck there if you didn’t know that she loved every minute of it and didn’t want them to let her out. 🙂 My heart is bursting with love! Check out these pics, kind of crazy. (Oh, and Bodystep went well, I am exhaustapated and sore today).

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