Easter Weekend

was fantastic. Saturday morning Zach and I had our final adoption classes. They were good, and meeting more adoptive parents is always food for the soul.

After that the ladies went to get our annual pedicures and the men went to play golf.

The crew sans my mom (the photographer).

Lindsey and Kara (my sister).

Kara, my mom and my grandma with their wine, we lead a very rough life.

Dailah got her first shot at a pumice stone. Tickled a bit, too precious!

It is REALLY fun having a girl, did I mention that?

Watching this relationship this weekend was so fun. Dailah and her great-grandma. I think they were both smitten with each other.

This fish was even more heinous than pictured. Dailah was enjoying putting her finger against the glass and watching ugly fish swim fiercely towards it to try to eat it.

Dailah couldn’t reach the foot light so she got creative.

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