You NEED This

So my dear friend Jody, who I’ve mentioned one maybe two times should be heading to Sierra Leone to pick up her twins any day now. We are so very excited for her. The problem is, as many of us adoptive parents have found, travel is always so much more expensive than we originally thought it might be. This will be Jody and Andy’s second time going over there but this time they are obviously bringing back 2 more! So…we’re helping out and you can too.

I posted a picture of the bags we are making. Can you believe how cute it is? And all for the low price of $50. The bag pictured is mine, all mine and I use it all the time. Heading to the shower? It’s on me. Heading to the bathroom? There it is. All the time because you just never know when some weirdo will have a camera stalking you and perhaps he needs a bag with the outline of Africa on it.

So there it is. We are, at this time, doing just Africa. We’ll put the heart anywhere you like. So even if you’re not adopting from a specific country but are particularly troubled with the happenings in Darfur, you can request a heart there. If you don’t necessarily have a country to specify, we’ll put Sierra Leone on it as we are all hoping and praying this country opens it’s borders more widely for adoption (and because this wore torn country needs more prayers and attention!)

SO, if you would like one (and who wouldn’t?) go to Jody’s blog and click on the sidebar, there is a place to order one. You can also follow their adoption through that and see that they are genuinely good, funny, beautiful people and worth every cent. So dear blogger friends, let’s blow this blogosphere up with support for this amazing family and this truly perfect bag. If you have any questions or concerns you can also comment here and/or email me. Thanks in advance. Much love, much, much love.

5 thoughts on “You NEED This

  1. Hi! I’m so glad you found our blog, therefore I can read about your experience. I watched the jumping on the couch video and was laughing throughout…that was too funny! I’ve spent the last hour reading about your time in Ethiopia…dreaming of the day we’ll be there…THIS MONTH!Anyway, I will add you to my favorites to keep track.Dee DeeP.S. We live in Central Illinois, and hope to move back to Iowa in 2010. It takes us 3 1/2 hours to get to Iowa City…our alma mater. Go Hawks!

  2. Well if those aren’t the most fabulous little bags I’ve seen all year. Let’s see, I can use it to take to the grocery store, to the coffee shop, to haul all of my kids’ sippy cups/snacks. They look nicely made and lack nothing for style. šŸ™‚ I’ll take two. Seriously. One for myself and one for a lucky friend. Who wouldn’t want this bag?? Leslie

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