What a day…again.

Did I mention yet that I love having 3 kids? Especially ones that are as adorable and laugh as often as mine do? I mean, really.

Perhaps one of the best parts of my day (oddly enough) was getting word from my friend Jody that she will probably be traveling to Sierra Leone in just a few short weeks. They are so close we can all taste it and I’m so incredibly thrilled for her.

Trysten said to me today, “I didn’t really like having a brother at first but I love it now. His laugh is so great.”

That is a fact.

So todays pictures are brought to you by the only child of mine who will stay still for pictures these days. I tell you what. We call Dailah “The Dutchess”. My father-in-law named her that because he says my MIL is queen, my SIL is princess and Dailah….you get the rest. These pictures were too cute. In 20 minutes she fell and skinned her knee and then fell and bumped her lip. 🙂

But I think someone told her she was royalty. She really is so funny. She is all girl and I’m not sure how that happened with a mom like me. I wouldn’t know girly girl if it smacked me in the face…and that’s exactly what’s happened. I have a daughter who would rather paint her fingernails and sit on a chair singing and dancing than come join her brothers and mom in an intense game of soccer..Who does that?

If she starts reading trashy romance novels and hating when people ask her questions I’m going to start asking my sister lots of questions.

We made our first trip to the grocery store tonight. I told you I should be cloned. We bought way too much, it actually made me depressed. Unfortunately not depressed enough to not eat it or something like that.

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