Interesting Perspective

So if you’ll notice in my comments from the last post, a blog stranger left me an interesting comment. Apparently not everyone loves everything I say like my mom, who would’ve thunk that?

I kept it there (after, admittedly, thinking about deleting it) as a reminder of what I believe. Overall, I believe in the power of one. It’s the reason I’ll vote come November, the reason I pray, the reason I love and so much more. I believe the power and passion of one person can compel 20, which can become 100 then 1,000 and so on (either for good, i.e. Jesus or bad, i.e. Hitler).

So perhaps my last post came off a bit soap boxy but that’s fine with me as that was not my intention and since this blog is not really for you all (I know, shocking) but more selfishly for me and mine, I’m okay with interpretations.

I just had to comment to my new interested, stranger blog friend person that I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to question my intentions. My intentions, as always, are to be a little more like Jesus every day and every day I fall short of that but every once in awhile (typically one in every 4,000 minutes or so) I get ever so close. I don’t think my thoughts and prayers for Ethiopia are too far from that.

Quite frankly I’m not entirely convinced Ethiopia will be affected by little ole’ me but I’m certainly convinced me storming the gates of heaven in prayer for Ethiopia can do a whole hell of a lot. Because that God of ours can change the course of Ethiopia in ways I never thought possible.

So here here to the power of one and let that One be the One to bring Ethiopia to the glory it deserves.

(And in true humanly spirit…how do you like them apples?)

9 thoughts on “Interesting Perspective

  1. Bottom line, you’ve made a difference in Tariku’s life! You followed God’s desire for your life and you ARE making a difference. (Cassie’s friend Becky – just chiming in.)

  2. Very well said! I must say that in your defense I didn’t take your words to be preachy or that you were thinking you were better than anyone else. One person can do so much good, just like one person can do so much bad. I find it interesting that the “scrappy” lady has her blog blocked but feels it necessary to say rude things on others. But like you said, your blog isn’t for anyone but you, don’t be discouraged!

  3. Tesi,I read your blog alot and enjoy it. We were in Chandra’s group a couple weeks before you. I too believe in the “power of one.” Our church had a whole campaign about it. My friend wrote a great song for the campaign. I need to get it to you because it is exactly what you are talking about. If you like music and worship through it, I think you would enjoy it. I think dreaming big and having hope is a great thing, every little bit counts. Just know there are others out there praying with you, for the beautiful people of our child’s birth country and some extreme conditions that we can not ignore. Keep up your praying and sharing your thoughts. Have a great Sunday!Rachael

  4. I missed the “strangers” comments, and isn’t it something that people wouldn’t agree with what YOU so passionately write about?!! How can that be? This is your blog, and these are your thoughts, and I LOVE them, am affected by them, and love to journey with you in this way as I have not taken that HUGE leap of faith as you! So, carry on my friend, carry on, and speak your heart right here on this blog! You don’t know me (yet) but I just LOVE reading your blog! donna g!

  5. Ethiopia HAS already been changed by “little ole you” Tesi. You and your husband received a call from the Lord to adopt your son from Ethiopia, and you obeyed. Because of that, you have changed Ethiopia. It may not seem like much to others, but to God – it IS much! And out of that obedience, God is going to use you to do more work for Ethiopia. Even if it’s just sharing what you know, or encouraging another family in their adoption – whatever it may be, it will bring change. And the power of your prayers – that’s what will bring the biggest change of all! God bless you as you continue to share your heart with others about what you know and have experienced in Ethiopia.

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