Dancing for Water

So you all have enjoyed the dancing (what is up with the emails but no comments? Our dancers would love some feedback…positive of course!) This has prompted the making of another blog…a dancing blog. We have enough interest from friends of friends of friends that this way we can just post them as we go. YOU CAN TOO! You can dance, and you can spread the word, quite easily by the way. So just email/comment if you’re interested.

It’s been awesome to see the change in our dancers. They said yes as a favor to me, mostly. Then they dance and they felt it. They felt Water for Christmas take over their lives. They have emailed people they haven’t talked to in years; the professor they had in undergrad or the girl who kind of made their life really horrible for a time. And people like it. They like everything about “Water for Christmas” and how could they not?

Go to www.dancingforwater.blogspot.com. Soon enough you’ll see people from all over the country dancing for water. Tapping their toes and watching it ripple.

www.dancingforwater.blogspot.com it’s where dancing, and water, collide.

In other news…there are now t-shirts for sale! Go to www.w4ctees.blogspot.com to see them and place an order. Christa is a college student at University of Missouri in the Graphic Design program. She’s doing this for free, for water. She is awesome and talented and I love her now. So check it out and order them.

2 thoughts on “Dancing for Water

  1. OK Tess….I AM IN LOVE…Hells yesssss…..I am totally on board! I am totally going to dance. I am going to get everyone around me to dance!!! I am obsessed with the dance!!!!Best. Idea. Ever!!!!Count me in!!!!!!Buying the t-shirt, buying the bottle….Starting Project everyone is dancing ASAP!!!(PS. your designer is at my almamater) PS: Please e-mail me! j2bearbaker@gmail.com

  2. Tesi-After reading the first 2 pages of your blog, I’m finally caught up on what all of the dancing is all about. That’s awesome! Is the water4christmas webpage something that charity:water helped you guys set up? Anyway, I’ve added the link to our sidebar and we’re going to see if Teshe will do a little dance for us!Matt

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