We Are The Truth

Though adoption is typically considered life giving to the children being adopted, that’s not truth, it’s a farce (mostly). Rather, my life was saved in a way I cannot articulate.

That is the truth, that is adoption.

Tell your story.


5 thoughts on “We Are The Truth

  1. Adopting my daughter shook me in a way not even giving birth to my son seven years prior did. Because of her I had to be MORE than a "good" mom. I could no longer be stagnant in my parenting (I thought I was doing just fine) and had to think beyond myself and what my expectations of my children were. She saved me. Oh how she saved me….

  2. OK, I know boys are supposed to be "handsome" (and he is), but Tariku is BEAUTIFUL. And I can't even put into words what adoption did to me as a mom. It's a different kind of intense that giving birth isn't…not better or worse…just different…can't articulate but I get it…

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