Thoughts On Bday

So my birthday started out well. Went over to my sister-in-law’s house so that my kids could play with their cousins in the new pool. It was a lot of fun to chat with Leslie as well as watch the kids have so much fun.

Then the day just was not a lot of fun. Various things, whatever. The problem is, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I love them so much that I insist on a “birthday week” (not just for me, for all my family!) So I get my hopes up and then when you get older, it rarely lives up to the expectations.

So I had to teach my class and, as I mentioned in a previous blog, thought I was going to go out with one of my friends. All day I was wanting to cancel with this friend (though I love her dearly) because I wanted to hang out with the family. So when I was waiting for my friend to show up at the Y, my favorite husband walked up! That friend was babysitting instead so Zach could get away and take me on a night on the town.

It was so wonderful. That husband of mine, he sure is a good man. So we went and picked out a new camera for me (yipee! early next week watch for amazing pics!) and then went to one of my favorite restaurants. Zach completely redeemed the birthday and that’s just one of a kazillion reasons why I love him. Here’s some good pics that prove the bday was great!

Dailah giving her cousin, Eli a tight squeeze.

The big boys, T and O. Look at all those ribs!

Tariku LOVES the water, though don’t try to get his head wet, freaks him out! 🙂

Don’t you just want to swim in his eyes?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Bday

  1. What is it with the Klipsch men cornering the market on “wonderful?” Actually, I guess that would be the whole Klipsch family, huh? So glad you enjoyed your birthday! Where did you guys go that you were sitting in bleachers?

  2. Hey Tesi.Happy Belated Birthday!!! Seems I’m always wishing you happy birthday a few days late…. 🙂 Any plans for Father’s day weekend? I have Friday and Monday off from work…just settling into a new place. wondered if you might have time on Fri or Mon to get together??

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