Well I thought we’d be able to go to the EKC picnic this coming weekend. We had it all planned, etc, etc. BUT then I checked my planner and it coincides with a good friends wedding! So I’m completely bummed that I won’t be seeing a lot of you there. BUT, we’re hoping we can come one weekend after summer camp season is over to make it to one of the monthly Ethiopian weekends and then see if we can’t see some of you then. But have lots of fun, make sure you all post pics on your blog so I can see what we missed. 🙂

Since I’m kind of MIA on the blog scene, I had to say congrats to my dear friend Erica who got her court date for her sweetpea! Keep me posted on that one.

Only have a moment before Zach steals the computer for the rest of my life (or so it’s seeming now doesn’t it!)

SOOO bummed I won’t be seeing you guys this weekend. BUT who is excited for the TV show, WIPEOUT tonight? Yippeee!

4 thoughts on “So…

  1. well, i dont know what wipeout is, but i happened to catch an amazing episode of greys last night, quite possibly the last season finale? mer-der back together and callie switching teams?! whaaaaaa??????? that is the fantastic US entertainment that i have been missing. seriously.

  2. I’m so sorry you can’t make it! I’ll look forward to maybe seeing you at an event in the future. I’m so glad I’m not the only person excited for Wipeout!Paula

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