Here are some pictures to make us all feel better about not being able to go to the EKC…

Doozie being the adorable cowgirl she is.

Doozie LOVED the baked beans at my grandparents 60th anniversary party this weekend. She had approximately 3 helpings and ate every bean, I regretted it later.

Nephew “Puddin'” LOVED the oatmeal creme pies. He was a big fan of high fructose corn syrup, as his mom is a better mom than I and limits the junk they eat. I spoiled him, how could you not? Look at that face!

My grandparents greeting their many guests. 60 years and they’re just as cute as ever. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up, they sure had a lot of love squeezed into a little room and a little town. Love those two.

These are the 5 kids squeezed into my Honda Pilot. Waayy too cute!

Zach and I took the kids to a restaurant. We told them they couldn’t cross that line…so they spent the rest of the night toeing the line to see how serious we were. We were serious.

My brother, Marcus and myself in my dad’s new car. Nice ride, takes a car like that to make my younger brother scared poopless that he’d wreck it.

The Power Rangers, how hilarious is that? I think at this time Dailah was putting her baby to sleep and Eli was eating, that was kind of the theme of the two days we housed my nephews.

My mom (guess which one) my aunt (shorter hair) and my uncle (kind of hidden) all entertaining guests. Here they are looking at a slideshow of the last 60 years of my grandparents’ lives. The other two well wishers got emotional watching the video…that’s love (and my family, we’re all emotional).

Zach with Doozie and “Puddin'”.

I just had to say one of my favorite parts of the anniversary party was when 2pm hit (the starting time of the actual party). The first guests arrive. My grandma, at this point, was a little nervous no one would show (turns out that never stops being a fear) so she was more than a little excited to see the first guests. With a quick utterance of, “Well, here we go.” She put on her party face and met well over 50 guests with the best smile, laugh and hug anyone had seen. We joked that apple didn’t fall far from the tree as we saw my 3 uncles, aunt and mom all get into the party mode as well. Meanwhile my cousins and I had a fantastic time “catching up” and trying NOT to talk about the fact that we were all, in one way or another, exactly like them.

5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Hmmm, didn’t make ME feel better that you aren’t coming to the picnic…but loved all the pics! The kids are gorgeous as always! How long do us mom’s with vehicles full of children have to wait to drive a saucy red convertible? I am thinking I can’t count that high! Hoping you venture to MN sometime…I’ll throw you a picnic!!

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