Out of the Mouths of Babes

So guess what we did yesterday…cut the boys’ hair. Now…Trysten has been wanting his mohawk for some time (he gets one every summer pretty much) so we did it yesterday. Little brother Tariku walks in and wants one as well. Who are we to say no? Now before you get mad at me (and yes we know Tariku resembles a little too closely “Mr. T” I love it, and I love that they love it. So enjoy those pictures.

So today at church was communion Sunday. Today they did it a bit different and handed out the little wafers kind of like they pass around the tithing plate. So I had Max (one of Jody’s boys) with Trysten and myself and they boys asked me if they could get a cracker. I said, “It depends, do you love Jesus?” And they said, “Yes we love Jesus!” So I said okay. Well when the tray came to us I got a bit of a look from a woman who obviously wanted to tell me kids weren’t allowed to which I was hoping she would say something to me. Then I could’ve reminded her that Christ asks us to be childlike in our love for Him so why couldn’t kids take communion…but, moving on.

So the pastor is explaining what the bread stands for and Trysten says, “What is he saying mommy?” Max, ever the pastor’s son says, “Basically, Jesus died on the cross for us so we can live so this (as he points to the bread) is his skin.” Apparently Trysten thought this idea of Christian canibilism sounded logical to him so we toasted and ate Jesus’ skin. Mmmmm.

Then on the way home from church, Trysten and Tariku are pretending to be other people (i.e. daddys, brothers, etc). Trysten says “I’ll be the step-daddy”. I asked him what a step-daddy is, and he said, “A daddy that does BodyStep!” (Which is a class I teach at the Y. Too funny.

I love kids. They are just…too…funny.

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