Just Pictures

Remember how when I finally upload pictures I just post and post and post them? Now is one of those times. Enjoy…mom.

Never going to stop thinking that one’s a cutie.

I got Kora this tutu (and wanted to show Andy what a girl looks like) isn’t she adorable?

Doozie’s first french braid..not bad mommy.

Up close…again…ridiculous.

Love this picture as Papa put the boys on the ledge and then had a good laugh, look at Papa’s reflection in the window.

Just some ice cream.

Tariku has started to enjoy it. No more 2 bites and then done with this kid.

Love the hair cuts, love how Tariku looks at his big brother.

My hubby and me all gussied up for the wedding. Could he BE any more handsome?

Baby girl all growed up.

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