Off to the Lake

I miss you guys out in blog land. I miss hearing from you and throwing my words out in the blog breeze. It sounds like we have hope of getting internet back and running early next week. So after that you can expect to get my nonsensical daily posts. Yippee!

Until then, we’re off to my ‘rents’ lakehouse once again. Zachary gets a few hard earned days off so we are heading there as a family and I’m one smitten kitten.

Couple things about this week:

Trysten and I were snuggling before bed. He asked me if I was ready to give him more brothers and sisters. I asked him how many he wanted. Well, 5 brothers and 5 sister, please. Ok, gulp. He said Doozie should have a sister next, because he likes having a brother. That makes sense. And then he had one special request, “Mom, can we get the rest of them from Ethiopia, not from your belly?” “Why’s that?” I ask. “Because I got scared when you had to go the hospital with Doozie.” So cute. I love that my 5-year-old realizes there are multiple ways we can bring family members into our lives. Good lesson to learn at a young age.

I was having a rough week with Tariku. He wasn’t taking naps and was feisty in the afternoon. Then Trysten would get home from camp and be equally feisty. Sweeet. So last night I decided I needed some perspective and watched Tariku’s lifebook from his time in Ethiopia before me. It was just what I needed. I got to see the sacrifice, the love. It made me realize I was just being a whiny mom and I had literally very little to complain about. Perspective is the best mirror in the world sometimes!

Much love. Talk soon! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Off to the Lake

  1. What a sweet heart Trysten has! When my oldest was an only, he told be he wanted ten brothers and sisters as well. I laughed it off then, but we are getting pretty close now!Barb

  2. Glad you are still alive!! I miss my daily dose of all things Tesi! Have a great time at the lake…we are doing a “staycation” and hanging at home. Can’t wait for you to get internet back!!!

  3. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? I must be PMSing or just hormonal or something. Reading your exchange with Trysten made me weep! What an amazingly brilliant child!Have a great weekend at the lake!

  4. I just went through all my pics from Ethiopia. I had to scoop up Biruk while watching it and hold him close. Perspective is a very good thing…(love the story on Trysten)

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