In the Dark…with no cast!

So we’re still in the dark, with no water or electricity we’ve been lodging at my parents-in-law since Monday morning. We’ve actually had a lot of fun and Trysten even announced to my nephew, “I live here now.”

We went back to camp this morning for the first time since the storm to get a few necessities (like undies for the boys, seriously, when do boys ever stop putting poo runs in their undies? It makes it VERY hard to reuse even in times of crisis) and get our car finally. It still looks like a disaster area. It really is heartbreaking. Zach and I were talking this morning and I said something and he said, “Tesi, you do realize WE almost died.” Though that’s perhaps a very slight exaggeration, I can’t help but thank God we did, in fact, live to tell the tale.

And on another note, we are without an arm cast here! Tariku has been cast-less for 1 hour now and he couldn’t be more excited. I cannot believe how bad his arm stinks. In the car I kept asking what that smell was until I used the sniffer to sniff directly to the moldy, tiny, white/black arm. Poor guy. A good soakin’ should do the trick. He still holds it like he’s got a cast on it but other than that, he’s happy as a clam.

Did I tell you the great news yet? MY SISTER IS MOVING TO DAVENPORT!!! So today we’re heading house hunting for her. It should be a lot of fun spending someone else’s money on a mortgage. Good thing she trusts me!

Off to get a shower. Those are hard to come by in a life like mine!

P.S. I’ll write about our first orphan ministry project next, I had to head home to get a few of my notes. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “In the Dark…with no cast!

  1. “WE almost died”? How about you pay homage to the family in Colona who lost a child and has two seriously injured in the STORM NOT a tornado as you have previously stated.A little overdramatic, you think?

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