Last night was Trysten’s first soccer practice. The coaches (also known as mom and dad to Trysten) did a great job (I think) and my offspring had a great time. Here’s some pictures to give you a quick taste.

Doozie mentally preparing for soccer practice.

Tariku doing the same.

Look at that face, that’s her game face baby.

Trying, trying.

Tariku showing his natural abilities.

Trysten just LOVES soccer.

Looking good…check out little sister behind him, story of her life.

And where they, obviously, got their abilities. ahem. Just a little of mommy and daddy competing.

One thought on “Soccer!

  1. OK Tessi,First the boys broke their arms at the same time, now you and I are both soccer coaches. šŸ™‚ Oh, and we are both babies to so many other moms. Good luck with your team! How many do you have? We have 6-7 per team.

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