And So It Begins…

Kindergarten started today. I did surprisingly well, I’m not going to lie. Just got chocked up one time when I was taking a picture of him and it struck me how old he’s getting. He was sitting there in his Kindergarten row by himself. It was obvious he was a little hesitant to start up a conversation with his classmates but he also looked calm, like he knew it was going to be okay. He walked right up to his teacher, “Hello, Mrs. Comstock.” Such a great kid. But I’m so excited for him. I loved school (probably didn’t tell my parents enough) and am so excited for him to start. His teacher seems nice and he’s oozing enthusiasm so it makes it worth it. He was, in fact, a little bummed that it’s already the weekend and his first day was a half day to boot. What a bummer. 🙂 But he got to do recess, PE and lunch today so he thought he got all the good parts of the day anyway.

What scares me most about Kindergarten? Trysten is my empathetic one. He cried when we took our dog to the vet the other day because he’s not walking well. He cries during movies when they’re sad and is just overall the one that wants to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable. I’m so afraid of that preciousness, the one that is so gentle and rare in boys. I don’t want school to beat it out of him. He is my little angel and I can’t stand the thought of losing an ounce of that. But I’m excited for the years to come and watching him come into his own, whatever that may look like.

The kids ready for Trysten’s big day.

My baby boy. My goodness how he’s changed my life in ways I didn’t dare pray or ask for but received by grace.

Seriously, I’m a mom to a Kindergartner…who is a bit tired in this picture.

And he is a dad to a kindergartner…and even more tired than I was.

Showing his teacher his loose tooth, I knew he’d be okay then.

One thought on “And So It Begins…

  1. Oh, Tesi, congratulations! Wow, kindergarten! Reading this instantly took me back to Lex’s first day. This past Tuesday was his first day of HIGH SCHOOL! I was just as sad, although part of that is because now I’m so OLD! I’m sure you’ve been told this a million times, but enjoy every minute of this time, because before you know it, it’ll be Trysten’s first day of HS, and you’ll wonder where the time went.

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