From Last Night

We went to River Roots Live last night in Downtown Davenport. It’s a free concert series this year so the kids and I went to Andy Landers and the Ragamuffin Band. We also got to catch a friend’s brother’s band beforehand and they were tops as well. I’ll get their name so you local folks can check out their CD. It also happened to be ribfest as well, which basically brought the best ribs in the U.S. Of A to our local Davenport and needless to say, Zach and I were smitten kittens with all the ribs surrounding us. Here are some pics that will make you jealous you weren’t there as well.

Zach after he ate the ribs when he asked for “hotter sauce”. He said he felt like his mouth was going to explode and he just wanted a pound of ice to just sit in his mouth. I took the boys to the bathroom and came back 8 minutes later. In that time, Zach drank a total of 40 oz of fluids. It was amazing. Check out his eyes and lips. The guy is miserable.

How could I not?

Rare is the shot when I get his actual smile.

C’mon, really.

2 of my favorite musicians of all time. Andy Landers (on the left mic, who is Jody’s hubby) and Ellis Kell, the scruffy bearded one.

Look how she’s looking at her brother. You can often find her giving him a huge bearhug.

Uncle Frank did his best to throw Trysten around enough to have him sleep hard for the night.

The kids showing our friend, Jill, some moves.

I’m trying to talk Jill (above) and Drew (below) into adopting from Africa. Drew played the tough guy but this was him, by choice, at the end of the night.

And she’s spent.

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