While I’m At It

When the internet is working well out here, I go for it. So here are some more pictures to show what we’ve been up to lately.

My brother (#10) playing soccer last weekend.

For some reason my parents thought it would be a good idea to face the sun during the game, so this was us.

Tariku going down the slide (this was 1 minute after I pushed him and 30 seconds before he thanked me)

Trysten going down the slide, no forcing with him, he wanted to show up little brother.

Kids helping my uncle Vic water my mom’s flowers that were driving him crazy.

Tman, mommy and my cousin, Storm, on the tubes after I forced Trysten…I sense a theme here.

Brothers, their hearts have no idea they haven’t always been.

I love this, the expression is in his eyes (and he’s not picking his nose, he’s wiggling his tooth).

I have no words for his beauty or his personality, only lots and lots of praise (but seriously, when is his molluscum going to disappear?) AND THERE’S A TARIKU (From Ethiopia) IN THE 5000 METERS IN THE OLYMPICS. HOW COOL IS THAT?

LOVE her!

Trysten talked Papa into Applebees for his night before Kindergarten. Imagine that.

And I think this is the picture of happiness, don’t you?

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